A Luxury Italian Experience

Have you ever Dream to own an Italian Luxury Showroom, bringing the Dolce Vita Style in your country and Dress, Eat and Live with Italian Style?

Start an Italy World Showroom in your City and earn money from all sales from B2B, B2C, On-Line and Off-line, and manage High End Italian products received directly from Italy.

Zero Problems, Zero Stress, more Business.

Franchising - Italy World - Italian Luxury Experience


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Receive Money from Italy

For each Italian company, you will receive an amount to invest in Italy World marketing and on Italian brands. Can you find another Franchising that pay you? Our vision is to work together to create Business; our business is to sell products, not to sell Showrooms.

Exclusive Distributor

All Brands you will receive, you will be te exclusive distributor in your country. What it mean? It mean that you are the one can sell these products.

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Ready Marketing Plan

Italy World Marketing Plan support you on each side for organization. We will tell you how to organize tasting, events, advertising… everything! Forget about stress! Italy World is you premium partner.

Web Structure Included

You will receive ecommerce website for your country, Social Media Support, we will think to create and manage Marketplaces in your country!

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Investment management. Portfolio diversification.

High Return of Investment

The last but not the least, Italy World can offer you an incredible business opportunty with an High Return of Investment thank to high profits come from Italian Luxury products!


mre then you expect

A Project create just for you

Our design and architecture Team will think to create the space for you on location you selected in your city. Every single Italy World Showroom is different from the others, with new furnitures, new concept, and new products. You will own your unique awesome Italian Luxury Showroom. Just Italy World can offer you this!

Why start with us

more then you expect

Why Italy World could be your Best Choice?

You could choose a lot of business to start, with a lot of brands, but only Italy World could you offer the best Luxury products selection of the World! Infact we work with the best manufacturers in the world in Fashion, Food, Wine, Cosmetics and Furnitures. The “Made in Italy” sells just because is… Italian.

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Largest Catalogue in the World

Italy World has the largest catalog of Italian luxury goods in the world, so you can choose fantastic exclusive products that no one else will ever have in your country. Be Unique!

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Ready Logistic

A ready-made logistics network that brings all the products from Italy to you even in small quantities. and you want to know the best thing? We pay the first shipment!

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Best Prices

the Italian branch of Italy World negotiates the best prices you can ever have to allow you to have a higher profit.

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Goods on Consignment

Italy World offers you the opportunity to have Italian luxury products on consignment to allow you to sell and carry out your business.

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