Decebalo Cornero Reserve DOCg - Strologo - Red Wine 2016



Food pairings: spicy fish soups, stockfish , elaborate meat/game based-dishes, dry-cured cheeses.


The vineyard sits at 230 m above sea level. Southern exposure. Guyot training. Yield per hectare: 60 quintals.

Grapes are picked and placed in small boxes. Selection of overripe, healthy grapes. Three-step harvest in mid-October. Selection of  obtained from controlled temperature fermentation (22-28 C for 25-30 days in total) in French oak vats. The wine is then racked to settle in stainless steel tanks for 24 hours. Subsequently it refines on fine lees in new French oak barrels, with b tonnage (lees stirring) once every 8/10 days for 12/15 months.               12 months bottle ageing.

Color:Ruby red colour with purple shades.

Aromas: The powerful aromas of the bouquet show the complexity of this wine. Excellent flavours of morello cherry, sweet violet, liquorice and spices like vanilla, cinnamon and pepper. Soft and warm in the mouth, it displays noble tannins and has a strong and persistent flavour. An excellent body stemming from its well defined, balanced components.

Decebalo : Why is it called so? A Rosso Conero Docg Reserve, named after the head of the Dacians, Decebalus who was the one who confronted Emperor Trajan in the war of conquering Dacia. Decebalo and Traiano, in the past two powerful warriors, today continue to fight in the form of these two great wines .. for the conquest of the palates!