Passerina Igt Marche Mona' - White Wine



My name is Monà, as a tribute to Professor Angelo Monà of Ticino, who in 1860 settled in Montegranaro with the task to reclaim the lands of the nobles and made flourish the country’s agriculture employing a modern farming system.

I perfectly match with:
seafood appetizers, fish dishes, soft cheeses, cold cuts, white meats.


My grapes are 100% Passerina, an ancient grape variety of the Marche Region. I am a soft, fresh wine, medium bodied, pleasant to drink, with fresh and fruity flavor notes. The taste is lively and intriguing, with bright flavor.

My winemaking process.

Fermentation: cold fermentation at controlled temperature of 16° C.

Maturation: in stainless steel tanks for a minimum of 2 months.

Aging: in bottles for 1 month.