Pink Brut - Rose Sparkling Wine



Food pairings: serve as an aperitif with appetizers, fresh cheeses or as a wine for a full meal based on fish or shellfish.


The vineyard is at 230m above sea level, southern exposure.
Combed cordon training system.
Yield per hectare 90 quintals.

Nature, together with a wise work in the vineyard where the art of wine making makes the difference in the quality of wines,  allowed us to obtain grapes that are rich in sugar and have good aromas. This product is different from another rosé wine in the method of its elaboration that takes place in an autoclave, through Martinotti or Charmat long method, in contact with yeasts for 40-50 days and then refining in bottles for 1-2 months.

Color: The colour is a subtle one varying from light rose to salmon rose; slight irregularities on the glass wall give origin to fine persistent and continuous bubbles.

Aromas: Balanced aromas of peach and apple with a hint of honey, with fine and young evolution. Intense in the mouth with fresh, full bodied and lasting sensations.

Pink : Why is it called so? Brut Rosé sparkling wine, fresh and cosmopolitan, dedicated to young people (or to those who feel such), suitable for any occasion, from elegant occasions to beach parties.