Rosa Rosae Marche Igt - Rose Wine 2019



Food pairings: starters, pizza, focacce, vegetarian dishes, fish, white meat, simple dishes, fresh cheeses.
Serve also as an aperitif.


The vineyard sits at 230 m above sea level.
Southern exposure.
Cordon spur training.
Yield per hectare: 90 quintals.

Montepulciano, a vigorous grape variety, is very resistant to dry and arid climate conditions and produces excellent ros_ wines. Cordon spur training allows for the production of smaller than average grapes that are diverse from one another. This diversity is very useful for rosé wines as it allows for the harvesting of less ripe grape bunches. Vinification through direct pressing of grapes and fermentation at controlled temperature.

Color:Salmon pink to deep rose petal pink in colour.

Aromas: A fresh product displaying aromatic features resulting from fermentation (esters, ethers and acetates). Flowery/fruity aromas with flavours of apple, apricot, peach and banana. A well-balanced, harmonious wine.

Rosa Rosae: Why is it called so? Marche Igt Rosato. Remaining on the common thread dedicated to the ancient Roman empire, who does not remember the first conjugation of Latin studied on school desks?