Santa Teresola Marche Rosso Igt Novello - Red Wine



It is a soft, mellow but dry wine, thererfore it is to be served with hors-d?oeurves, pasta dishes or delicate meats; great with cheese that are not seasoned and cold cuts. The total quality of a novello is valued in function with the percentage of carbonic maceration: In Santa Tersola?s case it corresponds with the entirety of the product, and it is also for this same reason that the production of this wine is limited to only a few thousand bottles.


This wine gets its name from a sweet and humble small church that is called 'Santa Teresola', only a few meters from the wine cellar and close to the Sangiovese vinyards, the grape that is used for the cultivation of our novello (new wine). It is a wine that is made completely with the original technique of carbonic maceration. This way the grapes stay in maceration between 15-20 days, during this period, the magical processes of this particular fermentation occur, and these processes are responsible for the characteristical bouquet of this novello, of extra ripened fruit, cherry, violets and roses.