Vallone Rosso Piceno DOC - Red Wine 2016



My name is Vallone, as the historic district where I was born, where there are still houses built with earth. With me you can enjoy the origins of Rio Maggio because my grapes come from the oldest vineyard, which is more than 40 years old.

I perfectly match with: white and red meats, cold cuts, aged cheeses, truffle-based dishes.


I am a Rosso Piceno wine, a historical wine whose first evidences date back to the ancient people of Piceni. An old tale of the Latin poet Polybius states that the general Hannibal stopped in this Picenum area and seeing his horses in troubles, let them treat with clutches of a very strong and aged red wine.

My grapes are 70% Montepulciano and 30% Sangiovese. I am a structured and agreeable wine, with good complexity, a well-­proportioned body and enveloping final. I am dressed in a beautiful ruby red color and I offer the palate a harmonious flavor.

My winemaking process.

Fermentation: classic Bordeaux winemaking technique, lasting 12-15 days among pre- and post-fermentative maceration on the skins, with scheduled pumping over and temperature control from 18° to 26° C.

Maturation: aging in either new or one-year-old French Barriques, for at least 8-10 months.
Aging: in bottle for 4-6 months.

Aging ability: 5-10 years.