Vinum 62 Igt Marche - White Wine 2016



My name is Vinum 62 and I was born to recover the taste and the spirit of the past.

I am a patient wine and shaped by time, I disclose the golden notes of my territory to those who can wait to taste the good things.

I perfectly match with: dried codfish, codfish, and very aged cheeses.


My grapes are 50% Verdicchio and 50% Trebbiano, hand-picked from the old vineyard nr. 62.

An extended maceration on the skins, the maturation in old barrels of cement and finally the bottle aging amplify my natural force of mineral and tasty wine, unique in my style.

I do not get filtered and my bottles are numbered. My colour is golden  yellow.  Both on the nose and in the palate I give strong sensations of star anise, can-died fruits, exotic fruits, dates.

My winemaking process.

Fermentation: in contact with the skins for 10-12 days. Maturation: in cement tanks for 1 year.

Aging: in bottle for 1 year.

Aging ability: 10-15 years.