Tra Cielo e Terra – Between Heaven and Earth – Paint

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Mixed media with natural elements, enamels and pure gold.

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Emidio Mozzoni has had a love for painting since an early age, which he will deepen and develop from 1980 onwards, dealing in the early years with the basic techniques of painting, continuing his research in multiple fields and techniques pictosculpture. In recent years he has been experimenting with artistic materials such as stone, gold, glass, wood, sand and recycled materials. Always willing to continue to search for the wonder of art through the comparison and the complicity of his artist friends. His paintings are in various private collections in Italy, Austria and America. Have published by Emidio Mozzoni, various art magazines and national and local newspapers. In 2003 he conceived the sketch and directed the works for the realization of the Monument to the fallen of the Work inaugurated on May 13 near the square of the Unity of Centobuchi (AP) on request of the Municipality of Monteprandone and the “U.N.M.I.L.”. In program the realization of a monument to the Fallen of the Job in the city of Carbonia, Sardinia. He has personal and collective exhibitions in several European and international countries: Holland, Germany, Slovenia, Belgium, Canary Islands, United States. My way of making “art” is changing. The works can be born from any object, vision, reasoning, input that I get from disparate solutions. Reasoning that usually concerns nature and what I can imagine by making my own conclusions. A stone, a wood, a dry grass… Where am I? What am I thinking? What makes me connect a thought, a vision, a word to these objects? My works are “ad itinere”, that is, preparation that takes place during my research with thinking, with my experimentation, with the conjunction of mind and senses, with the memory of my past and with my experience. All this can be summarized as “spending my time”. It is no longer just a painting but a succession of preparation with ideas, objects and compositions. The artist Emidio Mozzoni is present in the Catalogue of Modern Art N?56 Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori. macos/deepLFree.translatedWithDeepL.text

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Emidio Mozzoni

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Tra Cielo e Terra - Between Heaven and Earth - Paint

Only for DolceVita club members

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